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As a communications medium, SMS is the most cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience..

2 way SMS

Welcome to the exciting World of Mobile SMS Short code and Long code Services.

Voice Call

Bulk Voice Call is a communications technology that delivers a recorded voice message to thousands of call recipients.

APIs for Integration

API is a set of routines, data structures, object classes and/or protocols provided by libraries and/or operating system services.

Missed Call Services

A missed call is an innovative way to keep in touch with a customer in India. There is no cost involved, yet there is intent and involvement.

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As a communications medium, SMS is the most cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience. The fact that SMS can be sent out to large groups of recipients in a manual or automated manner further means that fewer resources are required to action the communication.

High Reach

In India, the number of Internet connections is about 1/6th the number of mobile connections. It means that more people can be reached via SMS than with, for instance, e-mail communications. Currently, there are over 45 million mobile connections in India.


An SMS is typically delivered within seconds. Because messages are pushed to the handset by the delivering network’s SMSC and does not rely on the recipient retrieving it from a server, it is an extremely reliable means of getting time-sensitive messages to recipients.


Should an organisation need to integrate SMS with its existing (legacy) database environments, automating SMS is easy. URSMS, for instance, allows for generic protocol integration such as e-mail, HTTP, SMPP, XML and windows application systems to its Servers.


Since SMS was launched, it has excelled as an acceptable communications medium. With end-to-end solutions providers such as URSMS, committed to achieving 100% reliability, SMS usage has increased. SMS is getting widely accepted as new business communications channel.

About Us

UrSMS is a leading Mobile Value Added Service Provider in India. It provides mobility solutions to corporate and SME segments and has operations in India, and abroad. URSMS specializes in the GSM and CDMA based SMS solutions. UrSMS works in wireless technologies and has been one of the first to work on SMS as a commercial tool. UrSMS web-port service access platform provides a complete two-way end-to-end enterprise response system.

Requirement of Mobility

Businesses today need to communicate with their employees, customers and other stakeholders on a regular basis. Organizations run on mature processes and these processes need and also generate information on a regular basis. Sales, admin, marketing, logistics all need critical information on a real time basis. This information is already available in the servers, ERP systems and other backend MIS. UrSMS works on mobile enabling these key business processes on a real time basis.

Companies today require a new media of communication that can be used effectively in order to reduce the overall cost of communication and enhance productivity at work and operational efficiency.

UrSMS provides a communication platform which is flexible, scalable and cost-effective so that it can mobile-enable a few business processes already running at the back-end in the shortest possible time. The communication platform creates possibilities of sending in automated, manual and scheduled form, SMS from an internet-enabled computer system to a mobile phone in the field. In addition, authorized people with mobile phones are able to send information to back-end systems via SMS.