• Unique National/ Global easy reach SMS identity
  • Short Code/ Long Code based on Content requirements
  • Automated Two-way Messaging - Easy to configure Auto Response/ URL Response
  • Keyword/ Sub-Keyword Facility for multiple types of Queries Processing
  • Easy Integration in to Website ODBC Data
  • Multiple Options: Wide range of Choices for Short Codes/ Long Code
  • SMS Alerts, E-mail Alerts for Incoming Messages
  • Detailed listing of Callers for Post-sales promotion

Need of SMS Short Code Technology:

Welcome to the exciting World of Mobile SMS Short code and Long code Services. Today's cutting-edge Mobile and Cellular Technology has changed the way we live and work. Short Code Messaging (SMS) service avails one stop interaction media through which we could interact with our customers directly and conduct various Media Promotion events like Contests/ Survey, Lucky Winner Draw, Bids, Product Enquiries, Lead generation in a cost effective manner.

Advantages of Short Code SMS:

Easy reach and remembrance

Most of the Short Code SMS Service Providers have tie up with almost all major Service Providers .

Hassle-free Always-Up SMS Service

Every SMS Short Code and Long Code Service requires good setup and technology understanding backed by proven configuration and maintenance Experience. UrSMS is one of best choices for such a service with Best Customer Service and Post-Sales Support.

Wider and known Brand Equity

The more popular a brand is the easy and large appeal it holds. The same Marketing Concept applies to SMS Short Code Service. All Short Code Providers keep marketing their Short Codes at frequent intervals through Internet, News Media, Print Media and Electronic Media services. Thus every brand holds a good Marketing Appeal thereby benefiting Content and Service User.

Latest Technology

The Mobile and Cellular Communication is on Convergence and revolution. Hence there is a continuous growth and newer technologies coming up at frequent intervals. These SMS Short Code Service Providers Research Teams keep experimenting technologies thereby benefiting Users with latest and best options.

Typical Application Industries

Content Providers - SMS, Jokes, Quotes, Stock Market Tips, Commodity Tips, Tea Market Reports, Jewelers, Portal Websites Educational Institutions - Exam Results Announcement, Quiz Contests, Entry Forms Businesses/ Industries/ Consumer Goods Companies – Lead Generation, Dealership Enquiries, Product Support, Product Promotion, Online Distribution Channel Ordering, Account Statements (Balance, last 5 transactions), Product Information etc.

2 Way SMS Message Service

Short Code

A Virtual Number service avails Access Number that avails ease of remembering and Multi-Operator support. All Short Codes are available in respective Country amongst majority of the Cellular Operators. Messages sent to Short Code Numbers are charged at Premium Rate (Rate Higher than regular SMS sending Rate as set by Operator).

Long Code

A Long code Number Service avails regular 10 Digit Countrywide Number irrespective of Operator tie-up and special settings. All Messages sent to Long code numbers are charged on Normal rates as per Sender's Billing Plan.

Common definitions in Two-Way SMS Messaging

What is a KEYWORD

A SMS Message contains up to 160 characters in it and therefore to distinguish exact Query and requirement, we assign some fix Words to our Services. Such Words assigned to unify Query/ Requirement is known as SMS Keywords.

Short Code Keyword Service

This avails you with a your Choice of Keyword (subjected to availability) on a desired range of SMS Short Codes 56161, 57333, 56767, 57007, 57827, 58888, 57575, and many more.

Long Code Keyword Service

This avails you with your Choice of Keyword (subjected to availability) on our already running shared SMS Long Code Numbers like 98300-62000 and many more. This Service is much Cheaper, Globally accessible (from any part of the World).

Long Code Sub-Keyword Service

Looking for a Cost-effective, easy to promote and ready to use Two-Way SMS Service? Short Code Sub-Keyword Service is your perfect Choice with ease of Configuration, Low cost and no overhead expenses to promote.