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UrSMS provides the following
multi-function features:

  • Send SMS to any SMS capable mobile phone on all networks in India.
  • Customize address book by adding important contacts and addingMobile numbers.
  • Utilize existing Contact stores stored in CSV Files
  • Send one SMS to multiple mobile numbers or address-book contacts
  • Create, Import, Delete or Send SMS messages
  • Use familiar MS outlook like user interface. It has received and Sentsms folders
  • All the possible exceptions have been handled making this a robust product
  • UrSMS is web based and can be accessed on http://www.ursms.in
  • UrSMSmaintains a unique UrSMS Address Book
  • Send SMS messages to user-defined groups of individual
  • SMS Credits Allocation & usage can be viewed on Left Panel after login
  • SMS can be sent with in different vernacular languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali.

We also offer INTERNATIONAL SMS service, please contact us for details or write us at pawan@orbitech.in or call +91-9831008444

Unsolicited Messages or Spam

URSMS acknowledges that it has no control on the contents of the SMS sent by clients. UrSMS shall forward all SMS in the same form as is received by it from clientsand shall not send any unlawful or unsolicited SMS contents from any of the user accounts. All SMS sent by users shall be sent after taking permission from the intended recipient